Wednesday, June 27, 2007

China's largest sexual health education base in Zhejiang Hengdian open

In Hengdian Group founder Hsu Wen-long lead, we visited the cultural Pavilion

  China's thousands of years of traditional culture is the ugly nature of the culture, but, with the development of the times, ashamed to talk about the "nature" of the Chinese people, more and more attention to sexual health, the spread of knowledge and education. Recently, the "China Hollywood," a world-famous Hengdian, to create "the biggest sexual health education bases" still young, in an attempt to build a security people love nest.
By the traditional culture and customs of the people in the "sex" has been attributed to the topic of discussion. the lack of effective sex education is the carrier and tools. And the lack of sex education, the most direct consequences of youth is the result of the lack of basic sexual and reproductive health knowledge, not only affects young people see the physiological and psychological, has also led to rising infection rates of sexually transmitted diseases, affecting social harmony.
According to statistics, last year received official STD cases reported over the previous year increased by 30% 2. and the southeast coastal region of the province the number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases is the highest in the top of the country, particularly in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang to the situation for most. "This status is urgently needed in the sexual health education to find a breakthrough. to guide the youth to establish a correct concept of sex "Hengdian Group founder Hsu Wen-lung told reporters. It is precisely this kind of a sense of social responsibility, Hengdian Societies Federation of economic enterprises into action, built China's largest sexual health education bases-Hengdian Valley scenic trail.
 Entering the night of the trail valley, everywhere lanterns hanging high and was jubilant.。Hengdian economic associations chairman of the Hengdian Group founder Hsu Wen-long drama called "red-light district." "But this' red-light district 'NOT' red-light district '." Humor Hsu Wen-lung explained with a smile, the whole landscape covered with lanterns, To highlight is the health and harmony of love and marriage with rousing success.
Reportedly, the entire area of focused sexual health education function, combining recreation and leisure activities, have Venus Plaza, screen display of high-tech entertainment, vacationing couples, emotional sea park entertainment venues, But the most notable is the cultural exhibition hall.The exhibition hall the size, content and displayed in the form of both domestic unique. According to Hsu Wen-lung on these data are national Centers for Disease Control and the Ministry of Health as the sole provider of internal information. Exhibition hall with more than 180 blocks and Maung Graphic display panels, with the help of a large number of real photographs and charts, stringent medical history information and detailed description of the modern scientific knowledge. And of these 51 all human silica STYLOMMATOPHORA who won the most, they show the true AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases clinical symptoms, give a strong visual impact and thought-provoking.Sexual culture exhibition hall also combine VCD video playback and other forms of display of STD prevention, adolescence, marriage period, menopausal sexual health and family planning publicity and education role.
"It's enlightening, opening up today, sexual health education is very necessary. "a tourist site after the visit, his face solemn said, Each social responsibility of Chinese people should be aware of rational universal health knowledge of the importance of necessity and urgency.
Love is a human emotion of a better expression, sexual civilization is the civilization of a society part healthy and progressive Hengdian Valley trail, to make up for a health education in sexual health knowledge of the lack of education, to review or inspection by the Ministry of Health Centers for Disease Control and China STD and AIDS Prevention Association, and other departments, the leaders and experts, to give full recognition to and highly appreciated.
Scenic open, visitors stream, not only will many enterprises, unit staff to receive education, its schools for young adolescent health education classes.
Relevant experts believe that China's largest sexual health education bases for the establishment of China will greatly promote sexual health education, for the entire society to establish a correct attitude towards sex, that people begin to truly enjoy the health and safety of our human emotion one of the better sex. Read more...
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