Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Women drinkers have better sex lives

Women who drink red wine enjoy better sex lives, a study from the University of Florence in Italy has suggested.
Women who drink red wine enjoy better sex lives, an Italian university study has suggested

A study among Tuscan women discovered that one or two glasses a day could lead to a more fulfilling life in the bedroom.

Experts from the university questioned 800 women between 18 and 50 Santa Maria Annunziata Hospital about their sexual satisfaction.

Using the Female Sexual Function Index - which is used by doctors to assess women and sexual health - it emerged that drinkers scored higher than teetotallers.

The score is determined using factors including sexual arousal, orgasm, satisfaction and pain and ranges between two and 36, with higher scores meaning better sexual health.

Overall, women who drank two glasses a day scored an average of 27.3 points, compared to 25.9 for those who drank one glass and 24.4 for the non-drinkers.

The study's lead author, Dr Nicola Mondaini said: "Historically, the aspects of wine and sexuality have been well known since the time of Ancient Greece.

"But the field of female sexual dysfunction is still highly unexplored."

The study also found that older women enjoy a more fruitful sex life.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Female Viagra boosts women's libido

Female Viagra
The drug, flibanserin, did little to improve patients' mood, but did do wonders however for women's flagging sex drive, researchers found.

Results from a series of clinical trials showed "significant improvements" in a number of measures of libido among women who had lost interest in sex. Researchers have hailed it as a potential "Viagra for women".

The drug mimics serotonin and a certain forms of dopamine which are substances produced naturally in the body connected with mood, reward, and learning.

Women taking 100 milligrams of flibanserin once a day reported greater numbers of "satisfactory sexual encounters", higher levels of sexual desire, and reduced stress associated with sexual problems.

Professor John Thorp, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, US, who led the research, said: "Flibanserin was a poor antidepressant.

"However, astute observers noted that it increased libido in laboratory animals and human subjects. So, we conducted multiple clinical trials and the women in our studies who took it for hypoactive sexual desire disorder reported significant improvements in sexual desire and satisfactory sexual experiences.

"It's essentially a Viagra-like drug for women in that diminished desire or libido is the most common feminine sexual problem, like erectile dysfunction is in men."

Viagra, which helps men overcome impotency, also began life with another purpose in mind. It was originally designed to treat angina, the chest pain associated with heart disease.

Scientists discovered that Viagra had the welcome side effect of helping the penis to fill with blood, thereby producing an erection.

Pooled results from three of four trials testing flibanserin's ability to boost women's sex drives were presented at the Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine in Lyon, France.

A total of 1,946 pre-menopausal women aged 18 and older were treated either with flibanserin or an inactive "dummy" placebo drug for 24 weeks.

Prof Thorp said the treatment could provide a new alternative for women without having to resort to hormones which can have side effects.
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Plastic Surgery For Man Boobs

Plastic Surgery For Man Boobs

Medical experts claim that somewhere between forty and fifty percent of men have had man boobs or gynecomastia at some point in their life journey. The condition is mainly caused by men having too much estrogen in their body leading to a hormonal imbalance. However it can easily be caused by obesity. In this day and age, it is very easy to get carried away with what we eat.

One way to get rid of man boobs is to have a plastic surgical procedure. The procedure is called gynecomastia surgery and involves the removal of the enlarged breasts using two methods: liposuction and excision. Liposuction involves the insertion of a tube into the chest area and the fat is sucked out using a suction force. Once the fat is gone, the surgeon will perform excision which involves the cutting away of breast tissue. This may involve removing the nipples and repositioning them for a more natural chest contour.

Before selecting a surgeon, be sure to do some research online and look for surgeons without any negative history. Also look for before and after photos of former patients. Surgery will end up costing you anywhere between five and ten thousand dollars which will include the surgery fee, the medical facility fee and the anesthesia fee. Almost one hundred percent of the surgeries are done with general anesthesia which means that you will go to sleep, and when you wake up, the surgery will be over. To aid the healing process, you will need to wear a compression vest for a couple of weeks.
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Amazing Sexy Kissing Tips

Amazing Sexy Kissing Tips

If she is laying down draw one of her arms above her head and lightly hold her hand. Commence by kissing the soft area on the inside of her upper arm - from her elbow down to her chest. For variation, trail the tip of your tongue in a zigzag down this area. This absolutely drives my wife crazy! (submitted by Troy)

Kiss her gently near the clavicle (colar bone), then run your tongue in a zig zag up to her ear very slowly. Give her earlobe a little nibble. It’s all in the neck guys… (submitted by Dave)

When you’re sitting close to your love, start out by softly stroking their face, slowly move your hand to their mouth then very lightly brush the lower lip with one of your fingers. If they seem to love this, then place the tip of that finger in their mouth. My boyfriend loves this, and sometimes he’ll start sucking my finger a bit. This leads to a great french kiss! (submitted by KC)

Gently kiss your partner on the neck, cheek, jaw, and slowly move closer to his/her lips. When you reach their lips, they will be all the more excited to kiss you! My boyfriend sometimes does this and it drives me crazy! (submitted by Christi)

Start by pouring a glass of wine. Take a few sips to get the taste in your mouth. When you lead him to bed, bring the wine with you. While kissing him, dip your finger in the wine. Trace his lips and mouth with your wine-soaked finger and lick the wine off slowly and gently. Take your time. Kissing can be very erotic. (submitted by Heather)

I play a kissing game with my wife. The object of the game is to make your partner try to kiss you. This could be done by lightly kissing her neck, breathing into her ear, kissing her cheeks, and lightly kissing her lips. Whoever lasts the longest wins! (submitted by Guntes)

Sensually whisper something a litte bit naughty in their ear such as “I want you…” or make up your own. Let them feel your breath next to their ear, then kiss it and gently nibble it. Move down towards their neck and back up to their lips. This drives my husband crazy! (submitted by Gloria)

When kissing…try to catch his/her upper lip between your lips as you’re closing your mouth, and suck lightly before letting go. (submitted by Ryan)

When kissing really passionately, stroke the nape of his neck with your fingers. (submitted by Beth)

Think of why you like certain body parts of your love, or why you love to kiss those body parts. For each area, give them a quick kiss there, then whisper why you love that part. Move up and down their body sprinkling them with kisses and sweet words. (submitted by Nora)
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chinese university sets up patrols to stop students kissing

Couple kissing

Chinese university sets up patrols to stop students kissing

The patrols at Nanjing Forestry University watch out for couples who are hugging, kissing or sitting too close to each other.

The university says the patrols will "clean up the atmosphere" on campus.

Teachers supervise the patrols, which are staffed by fellow student volunteers working two-hour shifts.

On the college's internet bulletin boards one woman describes how she and her boyfriend were sitting together when a patrol spotted them. The patrol member got behind them and kept coughing until they moved apart.

Others complain that the university authorities should spend their time managing the institution, not regulating young lovers, and speak of their shame at the publicity the crackdown has generated.

In one of the complaints, student Gui Ya, says: "The news is spreading over the internet. It's like being naked and shown to the public."

And a colleague with the user name Raymondxiao moans: "The action is a shame. The university is not going to be a real university."

Another bulletin board complaint from Yi Fu Jia Da Po Tou says: "There are no human rights on this issue."

Volunteers who turn a blind eye to an infraction are said to face penalties themselves, although calls to the university to confirm this went unanswered.

Couple kissing
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Need Better Sperm than Ejaculate Daily

Need Better Sperm than Ejaculate Daily
Sex works on the principle of positive feed back: more sex just improves our 'performance'. A team from Sydney University says that men with damaged sperm should have sex daily to increase the chances of getting their partner pregnant. In many cases, couples with fertility issues abstain from sex for several days to boost sperm numbers before trying to conceive.

But the new research claims that this could mean
lower-quality sperm. The Australian team investigated 42 men whose sperm had been discovered to have an abnormal shape after microscopical investigations. The subjects were required to ejaculate each day for seven days, and these sperms were compared with those collected from them after three days of abstinence.

Except for five cases, all the subjects presented less sperm damage in their samples coming after daily ejaculation, compared to the post-abstention samples. Dr Allan Pacey, the secretary of the British Fertility Society, agrees that daily sex could improve sperm quality in men with sperm issues.

"While not having sex allowed the numbers of sperm to build up, there was a "trade-off" between quality and quantity. This research shows that when you put people on a daily ejaculation regime, it reduces the figure for DNA damage. If you can go from 30% to 20% that is quite a big shift and that should have some implications for fertility. There are men out there who think, or whose partners think, that limiting ejaculation will make them more fertile.", said Pacey.

"I remember one couple in which the woman would only let the man ejaculate when she was in her fertile period, so the poor chap was going without for almost a month at a time. If a couple was initially trying to get pregnant, an interval of two to three days was probably advisable - whereas a man with high DNA damage and a "decent" sperm count should try more often.", he added.
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Monday, November 09, 2009

Girl is allergic to husband's sperm on their wedding night

Girl is allergic to husband's sperm on their wedding night
A newlywed couple fear they will be unable to have a baby after they discovered the wife was allergic to her husband's semen. Julie Boyde, 26, discovered the problem when she and husband Mike, 27, had unprotected sexual intercourse for the first time on their wedding night.

The couple had been dating for two years when they got married, but had always used protection. As soon as they had unprotected intercourse for the first time she knew something was wrong. "Before we were always very careful and, you know, used protection, and that time we didn't," Mrs Boyde said. "So, we figured we were married now, so if we got pregnant, we got pregnant."

Mrs Boyde, from Ambridge, Pennsylvania, added: "The pain that I was feeling was inside, kind of like, somebody was sticking needles up inside of me and like a burning, like really painful burning."

Doctors were unable to explain why she experienced pain after intercourse, until a friend of hers suggested she might be allergic to her husband's semen. She was eventually diagnoses with Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity, which can cause itching and burning.

Dr Andrew Goldstein, from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center said: "The body recognizes semen as a foreign protein just as it would recognize a peanut allergen or pollen." "So you have swelling, you have itching, you have inflammation of the nerve endings."

His colleague Jonathan Bernstein developed a desensitization treatment similar to receiving an allergy shot. After determining the proteins in Mr Boyde's semen that triggered his wife's reaction, he created a serum to counteract the problem. Although the treatment works for some couples, it did not for the Boydes. They have now started adoption proceedings.
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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Farmer digs naked baby boy out of ground

Baffled scientists are trying to get to the root of this astonishing plant dug out of the ground by a Chinese farmer.
Farmer digs naked baby boy out of ground
Farmer digs naked baby boy out of ground

The two foot tall root weighs in at a massive 12 lbs and bears an amazing resemblance to a boy in even the smallest detail.

The root comes from the Chinese knotweed plant, used by local healers as a natural laxative.

Farmer Zheng Dexun, 63, of Datianba, in southern China, said: "I was shocked that it was so large and is so clearly like a boy.

"It's bigger than my grandson. Scientists are looking at it now and will tell me how it came to be like this."

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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10-minute relationship therapy

relationship therapy
Do you always feel that your partner is to blame?

Dr David Burns is a cognitive therapist specialising in relationship management. In the third of a 10-week series, he offers advice on how to make troubled relationships work. This week: are you sure it's your partner's fault?

So who is more to blame for the problems you are having with your partner? Most people are convinced that the other person is to blame. When I ask for a show of hands at my intimacy workshops, 90 per cent of the people say it's the other person's fault.

But is it? There are lots of good reasons to blame the other person for the problems in your relationship. Blame is the atom bomb of intimacy, destroying everything that gets in its way. But it's far more productive to evaluate the reasons behind the problems instead.

You can do that with what I call a Blame Cost-Benefit Analysis. Draw a vertical line on a sheet of paper. Think about someone you're not getting along with. Now, in the left half of the page, list the advantages of blaming that person for your problems. It could mean, for example, that:

• You can look down on the other person.

• You can feel a sense of moral superiority.

• You won't have to feel guilty or examine your own role in the problem.

• You can play the role of victim and feel sorry for yourself.

• You won't have to change.

• You can try to get back at the other person; after all, he or she deserves it.

• You can be angry and resentful; anger is empowering.

• You won't have to feel guilty or ashamed.

• You can gossip about what a loser the other person is and get sympathy from your friends.

I'm sure you can think of a few other advantages.

When you're done, ask yourself if there are any disadvantages of blaming the other person. Is there a downside? For example, if you blame the other person:

• You'll feel frustrated and resentful because nothing will change.

• The other person will feel judged and insist that it's all your fault.

• The conflict will be demoralising and exhausting.

• You won't be able to get close to the other person.

• You won't experience any spiritual or emotional growth.

• People may get tired of your complaining.

• You won't experience any joy or intimacy because you'll be hopelessly enmeshed in the conflict.

Once you've completed your lists, think about how the lists balance out as a whole, using a 100-point scale. Assign the list that feels more compelling a number out of 100.

For example, if the advantages of blame seem a lot greater than the disadvantages, you could mark it with 70; you would then give the opposing column a mark out of 30. If the advantages and disadvantages of blame feel about the same, put a 50 on either side. The numbers you choose will be entirely up to you, but they should add up to 100.

You don't need to obsess about it. Just review your lists and then ask yourself whether the advantages or disadvantages of blame feel greater. It won't always be a matter of which list is longer. Sometimes one advantage will outweigh many disadvantages, or vice versa.

On your list, were the advantages or disadvantages of blame greater? If the advantages were greater, I'm afraid that I've got some bad news for you. In my clinical work, individuals who complained and blamed others for the problems in their relationships never seemed to get better. They just kept arguing and fighting with other people, no matter what therapy techniques I tried.

In contrast, individuals who focused on changing themselves, rather than blaming or trying to change the person they were at odds with, were usually able to work wonders in their relationships. In most cases, it didn't take long at all.
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Best sex position Women During Pregnancy

Best sex position Women During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is still being viewed as a medical condition, and pregnant women as extremely fragile. While there may be health issues and complications with the pregnancy that make certain kinds of sex difficult, for the most part there is no need to treat sex during pregnancy with anything other than common sense, and no reason to treat a healthy pregnant woman as if she were weak or ill.

In addition, many people look at sex position as the "right" one and the "wrong" one. and many of us have this idea that there is one right (or safe) way to have sex during pregnancy.

Nothing is further from the ruth. There are infinite safe ways to have sex during pregnancy, depending on what kind of sex you want to have. Another problem with this line of thinking is that it is very rigid (no pun intended). Great sex requires a flexibility of thought, and a willingness to try new things when the old ones aren’t working anymore.

As a general rule, a good sex position for pregnant sex is one where:

* Both partners are physically comfortable
* The position allows for the kind of sex and physical contact you want to have

There are some who suggest that both partners should also avoid putting pressure on the uterus, or a partner’s full weight on a pregnant belly.
Figuring out pregnancy sex positions requires some creativity, a sense of humor, and often lots of pillows. It may also mean abandoning penetration if it isn’t working, and finding other ways to please each other and please yourself.

If you’re looking for some ideas to jumpstart all that creativity, you might want to develop your own sex positions by exploring the sex positions game. If that seems like too much work, the following sex positions are generally considered to be more comfortable as your (or your partners) body changes during pregnancy:

* The edge of the bed sex position (The Dr.Ruth and Dr.Amos position) offers many possibilities for greater comfort during pregnancy. You can lie on the bed (on your side, or briefly on your back) at the edge of the bed and your partner can be off the bed, either on their knees or standing up. Combined with the rear entry position, you can be off the bed on your knees (with a pillow underneath them) and rest your upper torso on the bed, with your belly off the bed.
The spooning sex position can be very comfortable as there is no pressure on your abdomen and you have lots of movement. Your partner can position themselves behind you at different angles to allow for penetration. Avoid lying on your right side in this position.
* The side by side sex position allows for more equal physical contact than spooning, but penetration can be a bit trickier. You can cross your legs over each others and this may help. As with spooning, this position can be very comfortable as no one is feeling the weight of the other partner’s body.
* The woman on top sex position offers the benefit of you being in control of the depth and angle of penetration. Later in the pregnancy you may find this position more tiring, and if balance is a concern you may prefer a lying down position, but others find this the ideal position.
* The rear entry sex position is said to be good for g-spot stimulation and can be a comfortable change as it’s a position you aren’t in that often, unless you’re doing yoga. This position can either be done on a bed, or modified as a version of the next sex position.
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Female masturbation

Female masturbation
Female masturbation stroking or rubbing her vulva
Female masturbation techniques include a woman stroking or rubbing her vulva, especially her clitoris, with her index and/or middle fingers. Sometimes one or more fingers may be inserted into the vagina to repeatedly stroke its frontal wall where the g-spot is located. Masturbation aids such as a vibrator, dildo or Ben Wa balls can also be used to stimulate the vagina and clitoris. Many women caress their breasts or stimulate a nipple with the free hand, if these are receptive areas for sexual stimulation. Anal stimulation is also enjoyed by some. Lubrication is sometimes used during masturbation, especially when penetration is involved, but this is not universal and many women find their natural lubrication sufficient.

Common positions include lying on back or face down, sitting, squatting, kneeling or standing. In a bath or shower a female may direct tap water at her clitoris and vulva. Lying face down one may use the hands, one may straddle a pillow, the corner or edge of the bed, a partner's leg or some scrunched-up clothing and "hump" the vulva and clitoris against it. Standing up a chair, the corner of an item of furniture or even a washing machine can be used to stimulate the clitoris through the labia and clothing. Some masturbate using only pressure applied to the clitoris without direct contact, for example by pressing the palm or ball of the hand against underwear or other clothing.

In the 1920s, Havelock Ellis reported that turn-of-the-century seamstresses using treadle-operated sewing machines could achieve orgasm by sitting near the edge of their chairs.

Women can sexually stimulate themselves by crossing their legs tightly and clenching the muscles in their legs, creating pressure on the genitals. This can potentially be done in public without observers noticing. Thoughts, fantasies, and memories of previous instances of arousal and orgasm can produce sexual excitation. Some women can orgasm spontaneously by force of will alone, although this may not strictly qualify as masturbation as no physical stimulus is involved.

Sex therapists will sometimes recommend that female patients take time to masturbate to orgasm, especially if they have not done so before.
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The Sexiest Commercials for Milk

The Sexiest Commercials for MilkLet’s face it. Milk is sexy. Why? It’s not because of the potassium and it’s not because you need it for strong bones. It’s because it is manufactured inside breasts. Another reason it’s sexy? It’s wet. Anything that is wet is sexy. I mean as long as it’s streaming down a hot chick’s leg or something.

And dare I say the milky substance reminds us of another substance that has to do with sex? Lube? No. You all know. Think about it though. Why do you think they have hot chicks in Milk ads these days? Milk mustaches? Those are not a coincidence.
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Friday, November 06, 2009

Church urges couples to pray before sex

Newly-wed Roman Catholic couples are being encouraged to say a special prayer together before having sex.
The specially-composed Prayer Before Making Love is aimed at 'purifying their intentions' so the act is not about selfishness or hedonism.

It appears in the 64-page Prayer Book for Spouses which has been published by the London-based Catholic Truth Society, reports the Daily Mail.

The prayer implores God 'to place within us love that truly gives, tenderness that truly unites, self-offering that tells the truth and does not deceive, forgiveness that truly receives, loving physical union that welcomes'.
It adds: "Open our hearts to you, to each other and to the goodness of your will."
The group has close links to the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales.

The Rt Rev Paul Hendricks, who is the Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark and sits on the charity's board, said he thought the prayer's inclusion was 'brave but good'.

"I suppose it is a bit idealistic but it is recognising that God is at the heart of the marriage relationship between husband and wife," he said.

"It is important for the Church to affirm the value of marriage and family life and I suppose this is a particular way of doing that."

The book contains prayers for every stage of marriage and family life, including engagement, planning for parenthood, pregnancy and caring for children and elderly parents.
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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Optimum Uses Of Condum Around The World

Optimum Uses Of Condum Around The World

Where in the world are people most likely to use condoms? Well, according to these latest figures, the winner is … China.
But in number two - and somewhat surprisingly considering the present panic over teenage pregnancies - it's the UK,
perhaps showing that all those years of sex education ads have finally paid off. These figures are the latest available from the World Health Organisation, which has a searchable database of every possible health indicator in the world and is the most credible source available.

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