Saturday, January 09, 2010

2 Ways to Make Condoms Sexy

2 Ways to Make Condoms Sexy

Some people just won't have sex without a condom—but find themselves encountering sex partners who need a little coaxing. Here are two suggestions for turning the routine into something sexy by getting everyone involved.

1. Have your partner put it on
Ralph Diaz (not his real name), 37, of New York City, says, "It makes it more intimate if someone else puts the condom on for you," says Diaz. "Because it's someone else's touch."

2. Make it an oral sex bonus
Carmen Donovan (not her real name), 27, of Los Angeles, likes putting the condom on her sex partners during oral sex. "Guys are less likely to complain if they are super turned on," she says. "And that way I can be sure that the condom is on correctly and less likely to break."
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